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Expert Witness Testimony

Fans of movies and TV shows that focus on legal issues are, no doubt, familiar with the value of an expert witness. Indeed, while other witnesses have their credibility assailed by attorneys, expert witnesses are, by virtue of their knowledge and profession, often viewed as being more credible -- and therefore, more valuable to the courts when it comes to weighing testimony, and rendering a judgement.

Furthermore, expert witnesses -- unlike other witnesses -- must abide by the highest ethical standards, and ensure that they're testifying to facts based on an objective, professional opinion. Failure to do so can lead to serious professional and even legal repercussions, not to mention the loss of a reputation which can seriously (and possibly permanently) tarnish that expert's opinion.

How Expert Witnesses Helps during your Divorce

While emotions are often what drive people to Divorce in the first place, the Family Law courts make decisions based on facts that are entered into evidence. Therefore, it's easy to see that an expert witness helps a spouse make a sounder, more credible argument to the court.

One area in particular where an expert witness can make a significant difference is dealing with financial matters. Since the issues involved can be complex (e.g. future earnings, valuation of a business, etc.), an expert witness provides much-needed clarity. The courts then rely on this information (among other facts and details) to render a judgement, or certify a Divorce financial settlement agreement.

Who Can Render Financial Expert Witness Testimony?

Not all financial professionals are qualified to provide expert witness testimony. Only professionals with specialized training and credentials are considered experts in court.

At the Forensic Accounting Offices of Cathleen Collinsworth, Cathleen Collinsworth is both qualified and experienced to provide expert witness testimony. Cathleen is:

  • Qualified in State and Federal Courts
  • Appointed as EC 730 Forensic Expert
  • Appointed as CCP 639 Civil Referee

Additionally, Cathleen is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF™) specializing in Business Valuation in Litigation. For more information, contact (or have your family lawyer contact) Cathleen to review your unique Divorce financial situation and details.